Well-being is a multi-dimensional construct. It consists of three interrelated components: life satisfaction, pleasant affect, and unpleasant affect. Affect refers to pleasant and unpleasant moods and emotions, whereas life satisfaction refers to a cognitive sense of satisfaction with life (Diener & Suh, 1997, p. 200). Dodge et al. (2012) proposes a new definition of wellbeing as the balance point between an individual’s resource pool and the challenges faced. Stable wellbeing is when individuals have the psychological, social and physical resources they need to meet a particular psychological, social and/or physical challenge.

Source of definition

Dodge, R., Daly, A. P., Huyton, J., & Sanders, L. D. (2012). The challenge of defining wellbeing. International journal of wellbeing, 2(3). Available from: https://internationaljournalofwellbeing.org/ijow/index.php/ijow/article/view/89/238

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