Introducing the DRY Utility

The DRY Utility is a new evidence base to support better drought risk decision-making in the UK.  It is designed to encourage different ways of engaging for different types of user.  It comprises three main areas that interlink:

  • The DRY Story Bank – a searchable database of 300+ stories about drought and wider water relations. Stories can be searched by catchment, by sector or by other key words.
  • The DRY Story Maps (over 70!) which provide an engaging synthesis by six sectors or by seven catchments. Sectors are Business, Agriculture, Environment, Built Environment, Health and Well-being, and Public and Communities.
  • The DRY Resources – which share insights from our processes with the DRY project and learning resources produced with and for communities and businesses.

This gives you the option to be systematic in your use of the DRY Utility or just to explore the resources.

Who is the DRY Utility for? 

The DRY Utility is for anyone who is interested in learning more about the stories and science of UK drought.  There are resources for all sectors including the general public, different types of practitioners and academics.  The Utility is also designed to provide insights into DRY’s creative processes in ways that might encourage other projects to experiment with the weave of stories and sciences in revealing a hidden risk like drought.