Who did what?

The DRY Utility – who did what? 

Lindsey McEwen (UWE Bristol) led the overall DRY process. Responsibilities for co-ordinating research within the different case-study catchments within DRY were: 

  • Fife Eden (Andrew Black, University of Dundee with Lindsey McEwen and Kimberly Bryan, UWE Bristol) 
  • Sheffield Don (Tina McGuinness, with Jon Morris, University of Sheffield) 
  • Bevills Leam (Mike Wilson with Antonia Liguori, University of Loughborough) 
  • Berkshire Pang (Mike Wilson with Antonia Liguori, University of Loughborough) 
  • Bristol Frome (Lindsey McEwen with Liz Roberts and Sarah Bunney, UWE Bristol) 
  • Afon Ebbw (Lindsey McEwen with Liz Roberts and Sarah Bunney, UWE, Bristol) 
  • Cornish Fowey (Lindsey McEwen with Liz Roberts, UWE Bristol) 

Subject specialists on DRY were: 

  • Storytelling – Mike Wilson; Antonia Liguori (University of Loughborough);  Joanne Garde Hansen (University of Warwick) and Caitlin DeSilvey (University of Exeter) 
  • Drought risk modelling – Ragab Ragab, James Blake, Muhammad Afzal and several other CEH hydrologists (UK CEH) 
  • Environment and ecosystem services – Mark Everard (UWE Bristol) 
  • Agriculture  – Ivan Grove (Harper Adams University) 
  • Ecology and the grassland mesocosms -Jill Thompson (UK CEH) and Sarah Ayling (UWE Bristol) 
  • Business – Tina McGuiness (University of Sheffield) 
  • Built Environment – Sarah Ward/ Colin Booth (UWE Bristol) 
  • Public/ communities – Lindsey McEwen (UWE Bristol) 
  • Health and well-being – Tim Taylor, Mat White (University of Exeter) 

Other key contributions 

Antonia Liguori led the development of the search-able DRY Story Bank. 

Andrew Holmes, Antonia Liguori, Liz Roberts, Lyndsey Bakewell and Joanna Bushell worked with participants and the DRY research team in the co-development of stories for the DRY Story Bank. 

Text for the DRY story panels involved multiple authors across disciplines.  Thanks go to Liz Roberts, Kimberly Bryan, Sarah Bunney, Sarah Ayling, Antonia Liguori and Lindsey McEwen for a significant share of the drafting and editing. 

Harry West led the development of the DRY Story Map structure working with Katriece Kearns. Thanks go to Nevil Quinn and Michael Horswell for their involvement in the conceptual and training stages of the Story Mapping, and to George Bethell for his technical work in Story Map construction. 

Neil Phillips contributed to the development of DRY Resources – notably leading the Z cards and the work with the National Allotment Society (seven fliers).