The Reasons

‘The Reasons in the Fens’ was funded by AHRC Connected Communities to create a new, performative methodology, based on traditional practices, to support communities in collective problem-solving and imagining their own secure future. It was conceived and designed by Professor Mike Wilson, Dr Antonia Liguori and Dr Lyndsey Bakewell, DRY Project team members from Loughborough University.

The traditional Sardinian form of ‘La Rasgioni’ (The Reasons) was re-imagined and framed as performative event to allow the community to expose and address the conflicting perspectives, interests and priorities around drought and water scarcity in the Bevills Leam catchment, in rural Cambridgeshire. This project idea was developed thanks to a conversation with the research team of CADWAGO, an international collaborative research project, led by the Stockholm Environment Institute, looking at climate adaptation and water governance.

For video documentation of the first iteration of ‘The Reasons’ at Ramsey Rural Museum, please see the following link:

For video documentation of the second iteration of ‘The Reasons’ at Peterborough Museum and Art Gallery, please see the following link:

The song ‘A River Is A Snake’ was composed by the folk singer and songwriter Sharron Kraus starting from the stories told during the two events ‘There is Something in the Water’ and ‘Think Water’, organised in the Bevills Leam catchment as part of ‘The Reasons’. The song was recorded by James Street and Dean Honer. The video of the song was realised in collaboration with the local stakeholders involved in the creative process: