‘It would be great for the customers to see how much water they were using so they wouldn’t waste any product…’

B&B owner, Pauline, isn’t sure how you would stop a customer using water if they were on holiday. She notes the differences between Scotland and England regarding water use in businesses and, even further afield, she recalls seeing a system in Spain where customers could see exactly how much water they use on a digital readout. This makes customer more aware, Pauline feels.

This is a bed-and-breakfast. We have four rooms for holidays and things. And I think the last time in this area where there was a problem of drought was about 1976 and you know, people were told not to use hoses, hosepipe bans, and things like that, but I don’t know if we would be able to save water. Because how do you save it when you’ve got a customer coming in that wants to use the shower? I don’t know how you would save that. I mean I’m sure there’s good practices going on down in England because they pay for their water. But ours is automatically paid within the council tax. We don’t really know the consumption that we’re using. It was quite interesting. When we were in Spain, we went to a hotel there, a bed and breakfast. So if you went to the sink to wash your hands, when you switch the water on, it told you exactly how much consumption you were using just to wash your hands. That was fantastic. And it was a system as a whole. You have to buy the whole system and which probably would be expensive but great for the customers to see how much they’re actually using, so they didn’t waste any product. Because sometimes you don’t have much you’ve used before. So if you’re brushing your teeth you’d be a wee bit more conscious about switching it off in between. When you went to the shower, you switch it to show on how much water you use to shower. So you didn’t go in for too long. Yeah. It made a difference. It was…it’s the only one we’ve ever been to. We’ve traveled across the whole of Spain and it was a young man who has traveled the world and he had picked the best things that he had seen from all the top hotels.

And it was just a boutique and it was only like £90 pounds a night or something like that. And we were just…It’s got a big hot tub in the room and when you put it on you can see how much water you’re using for the hot tub and it just makes you more aware. I was really impressed by it.


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