‘We’ve been collecting water for ages and people think we’re mad….’

Although they are located in an area of high rainfall, at Bryn Bella, Mark collects 600 litres of grey water from showers. There are also 30 water butts located on site. This system is used for growing produce in greenhouses and polytunnels and in the summer the soft fruit grown goes straight onto the hotel breakfast table.

What we do is we’ve got a lot of grey water capture systems. I’ve got probably 600 litres of grey water from showers that we keep. We’ve been collecting water for ages and people think we’re mad. And the reason being is we capture that water because we do a lot of growing ourselves. We’ve got another 30, 200 litre water butts. I can get through one of those water butts of 200 liters a day, just watering all our window boxes and our plants, Etc. And I’ve got others in the growing area where – because we’ve got two polytunnels – a 6 metre and a 5-metre polytunnel, a 12 foot greenhouse and we collect rainwater from sheds and everything. So you know there’s another 10 dotted around up there. In the summer when the soft fruit comes online, a lot of that soft fruit go straight onto a breakfast table. Strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, redcurrants, white currants, Blackcurrants. And they will take water to propagate them and keep them fresh.

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