Link social change to climate change and get more people involved

Marcus looks forward to the shape of allotments in a future of climate change. He sees allotments that are smaller and more accessible than today and include more sharing of produce between allotmenteers.

I was thinking about linking social and political change with climate change. At the moment I see it that a relatively small percent of the population – allotment holders – have got quite big allotments we grow quite a lot of stuff. So the changes – the climate changes – however, it changes is to get more people involved. So instead of having big allotments have smaller allotments and not think of them as somewhere…It’s almost the opposite to the security idea. Instead of having ‘this is our allotment…’ I mean in our allotment we’ve got barbed wire razor wire, we still get done over, they cut through the fence. They nick your stuff. I don’t know what you can do about that but instead of having that just get more and more people involved. So you’ve got little plots at the end of the Street; every bit of ground is a mini allotment, if you like. So more and more people are involved in it. So more people share the problem of how do we water it? So then you’ve got more grey water usage and also more swapping of produce as well. I mean quite often I say to people, you know, ‘I’ve grown loads of these what have you got?’ and they look at you like you’re weird and you think well, it just makes sense to swap stuff. Doesn’t it?

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