‘When we were growing up, summer was summer and winter was winter.’

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Mr Jones remember working in the water industry, as far back as the 1960s, and having to save water because the reservoirs were dropping. 1976 was so hot that the summers and winters that have followed it have seemed to mingle together. Mrs Jones says that after the drastic measures taken in the 1976 drought, nothing seemed as significant again.

Mr Jones: I started in the water industry in 1962 and I can remember what we used to call regulating – turning the water off – on a couple of Summers, prior to ’76. But nothing on the scale of ’76, just to…All we were trying to do then was to save some water because the reservoir was dropping but I can certainly remember doing that through the sixties, early 70s, before ’76.

But when we were growing up, you knew where you were: summer was summer, winter was winter. But after – when it come up the 76, it was a gorgeous summer – and after that – with the summers, we just didn’t seem to have a summer. It’s as warm some days in winter as it is in summer.

Mrs Jones: And since then we’ve had hose pipe bans and we have had people coming around and asking us to to limit the amount of water we are using and be very careful but nothing on the scale of the ’76 one. I think after that one everything else became insignificant in the world because we’d learned such a lot from that. It was so drastic, you know, where they were shutting all the water off and and we were very limited to what we could use when it was on. Nothing seemed as significant again.


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