‘At the allotments in Lincoln, everyone used baths to collect rainwater…’

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Anthony remembers the allotment that he used to have in Lincoln, which is a drier county than may people think. Anthony and the others on that allotment used baths in the ground to collect rainwater to see the plants through the spring.

My name’s Anthony Wilcox I’ve got an allotment at Mill Lane. I’ve only just got it at the beginning of the year so just getting down to it now. It’s a very good piece of allotment that I’ve been given, actually. I’m very, very lucky in the plot that I’ve got. Where we used to live in Lincoln I had an allotment there and Lincoln is a very dry country – county – believe it or not, being close to the sea, it’s very dry. What we used to have up there…There was only eight allotments, but everyone – I had two actually – was baths. The rainwater would fill it up in the winter and we could use most of that during the spring time and during the spring time it would fill up again. They were very, very good to have, baths. They’re not very slightly, I must admit, but the one I had – well, I had two – I dug one into the ground so you couldn’t really see it, but when we did have rain it used to fill up quite quickly.


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