From the washing up bowl to the Begonias

The teller talks of water metering and how this has led to the plants being watered via the washing up bowl water and rainwater is collected at the back of the garden.

Two of us in the house so we had a water meter put in, so we manage our water. We like growing plants, and have three hanging baskets, six tubs of begonias and we water them from the water from the washing up. So once we have a washing up, we empty it into a bucket, then decant it from there by a small watering can into each tub, then water them. I have three hanging baskets twice a day, and the begonias once from the water bucket that we keep by the back door. We store drain water from the garage in a tub at the bottom of the garden, which I water as and when it needs it. It is only the hanging baskets which are desperate need of water every day.


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