“In 2017, germination on the allotment didn’t happen naturally because the ground was too dry…”

Dave explains how 2017 has been a dry year on his allotment, with mains water having to be used when the rain water tanks ran out. Seeds in the ground also would not germinate, meaning that Dave had to use water to soak the seeds as opposed to the rain.

Dave Cook: My name’s Dave Cook and I have an allotment in [Penpedairheol?]. And this spring we noticed that our water harvesting was certainly down. So we’ve got a thousand litre tank which we use as a reservoir for dunk tanks but we noticed that, usually, when we would expect to be able to dunk it all the way through the spring, we had to stop and start using mains tap water and so on just because the tanks were empty. So we definitely noticed a dry start to twenty seventeen. We noticed that things like carrot seeds, once they were in the ground, just weren’t germinating as well as they normally would so we were having to soak them ourselves, as opposed to rely on the rain which we would typically expect. That germination didn’t happen naturally or wouldn’t have happened naturally, just because the ground was too dry.


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