“The relationship between ice cream consumption and the high, low and medium emissions scenarios…”

Ragab talks about the “positive side of drought”, in terms of future ice cream consumption. He moves onto the expected increases in irrigation demands for farmers and future training needed for farmers, facing this future. He also draws attention to impacts of the National Health Service, in the future, in the form of a Drought Emergency Department.

Ragab: Well, let’s talk about something positive about the drought. Usually, the drought is negative. And I wrote, here, a graph that maybe [didn’t present it?] which is the relationship between ice cream consumption and the high and medium and low emission. And this is actually good for dairy business. So there is something positive comes from the drought. And also I looked at the farmers and their need to irrigate, under different emissions scenarios, and, of course, we expect to irrigate more as we have high emission scenario with time. The other thing, also, I thought about NHS. That, it is expected that NHS will actually have a special ambulance service. It’s called drought ambulance service and there will be a new emergency department that’s called drought emergency department because, usually, the children and elderly are the most vulnerable section of society and they get dehydrated and so on. So I thought that service might come, in the future. The other thing, here, is when farmers are told to change their cropping system, they need training and that would require capacity building and to train them on how to use annual crops. So that’s really the four.


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