“Managing changes to habitats on council-owned nature reserves with limited resources for future management”

Paula Spiers, of the Avon Frome Partnership, looks at a possible future for council-owned wetland nature reserves as the climate changes.

Paula Spiers: I decided to just go with a very simple example. That one that I mention, at the beginning, about the wetlands, that we’re looking at, that are drying out and the challenge for local authorities or managing habitats, into the future, with very limited resources. So, if we’ve got a wetland that needs a lot of intervention to keep it wet, then we just don’t have the money to do that and so my pictures are about working with the community to understand what the changes are, why they’re happening and how that’s not exactly how a habitat might change but just accepting that it’s gonna have to different and what might be good about that and why you might learn to love that and live with it and accept that it’s not how it was, when you were young. And then that’s as far as I got with my story. Lots of writing and just trying to think backwards, in pictures, from that.


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