“‘The water in Lake Vyrnwy had evaporated so much that you could see the bottom…’ “

Colin tells the story of going to Wales as a child in the mid-1970s and stopping at Lake Vyrnwy, where the drought had dried the lake so much that he could walk along the bottom, tracing former roads in the once-inhabited village.

Colin Smith: In 1975 & ’76, there were two really hot summers and the water supplies never really recovered from ’75 and ’76. As a child, we used to go to Wales and, on the way to the coast, we used to stop at a lake called Lake Vyrnwy, which is in mid-north Wales. We used to stop there and, at some time in the past, it had been flooded to supply Liverpool with water. During those two hot summers, the water in the lake evaporated so much that you could see the bottom. You could see some of the streets. As a kid, me and my uncle and my cousin walked down one of the streets and it was really eerie. I would have been 9 or 10 at the time and it was really quite eerie.

Martina McGuiness: Yes, I would say that was a strange experience.

Colin Smith: It was really strange, yeah. A really strange experience. I’ve never experienced it since. It was really quite odd.


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