“Most people don’t think about drought as it doesn’t encroach upon their lives…”

At the Fife Show, Scotland, in 2017, Mike Peter talks of how dry weather generally doesn’t encroach into local people’s lives. However, the recent dry weather in the area has experienced has made Mike think that people should be thinking about the issue.

Martina McGuiness: What do you think, in terms of the issues around water? Would you see drought as something that people in this area should be thinking about? Or it’s nothing that’s really important?

Mike Peters: Well normally in a place, this is a really wet part of the world. Normally it’s always wet and nobody gives it any thought but, at the moment, it’s never rained for about eight or nine weeks, significantly. Yeah but most people don’t think about it, in general, because it doesn’t encroach on their lives. But I think we should be thinking about it because, if it continues like this all summer, we’re gonna be struggling for water. There’s no doubt about it.

Martina McGuiness: You said it’s been fairly dry here, the past eight or nine weeks. Is that unusual for around this part of the world?

Mike Peters: Very unusual, yeah. Very unusual. April’s normally quite dry. May it usually deluges, for some reason. I call it the disappointing month because it always rains in May. It’s usually a wet month. And throughout the whole winter it’s been bone dry as well. No snow at all and very little rain. For the year previous to that, it was really wet. It was really wet so maybe it’s why we’re still getting a wee bit of ground water coming. Well I worked offshore for thirty three years. There’s no shortage of water out there. It’s salty water though. I’m just semi-retired now so I don’t. I help my pals that do stuff but.

Martina McGuiness: My understanding is, around this area as well, of course, there’s a lot of vegetable growing, a lot of fruit growing and stuff like that?

Mike Peters: Yeah.

Martina McGuiness: So they’ll be fairly dependent on water and have good abundance of water?

Mike Peters: Yeah well I know because my friend, he drills holes for them and gets water wells. There’s a guy, he goes round with a water diviner and he finds it. It amazes me, like. And he finds exactly where the water is.

Martina McGuiness: Does it work? The water diviner?

Mike Peters: Aye. It does. It’s amazing. I was always like that as well. He showed it, proved it, drilled a hole and it was there. Amazing. It’ll even tell you how deep down it is or how shallow it is by the speed that the rods come round.


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