‘These are things we put in place to cut down on water usage, which also help in drought situations…’

Mark explains how, being in an area where people like to walk, run, climb and get muddy, hospitality businesses have to use a lot of water. Similarly, the catering on site uses a lot of water. As a counterpoint, Mark uses a water meter, the room showers have limiters on them, the toilets are low flushing and he has 30 water butts collecting rainwater. The business has a lot of green credentials.

Water usage is very important to us for the day to day, running of the business because we do all our laundry on site. I’ve got two washing machines that are running daily a couple of times a day. Obviously being in the hospitality industry, people need water, daily, to wash. We’re in an area where people go walking, climbing, mountain biking, Etc. So it’s not unusual for them to get up in the morning, have a shower, go out, get hot, sweaty dirty, and muddy, come back, have another shower. And of course, if you’re doing any kind of catering, the first thing you do when you walk into a kitchen is you’ve got to have hot water to scrub up before you even start cooking. So it is an issue. We’re on the water meter. So therefore we pay for everything we use and we got quite a few green credentials for sort of energy saving methods that we’ve taken on board. So for example, I’m holding in front of me: water consumption per overnight/room night. It’s 52.71 litres per night, in the height of the season is what we use on average in a year. All our showers, for example, have got limiters on them. So they don’t chuck out, I think, it’s more than 3 or 4 litres of water at any one time, you know. Rather than just take the water, straight from the mains and it comes out a high-pressure – we regulated, we close that down, it’s aerated, it comes out, nice and forceful, but we actually use less water in our showers. We’ve done the same with mixer taps. But we’ve had low flush toilets, 15 years, now. I’ve got thirty 200 litre water butts around the property so that collects rainwater. When we have, had problems in way of water as a standby I can use rain water to top up the cisterns in the toilet, so that really is our fall back on how we use water. And of course, trying to cut down on usage is what we do every day. So these are things that we put in place to cut down on water usage, which course, you know, also helps in drought situations.

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