‘Past experience is an important one…’

Alan feels that the horticultural industry is a particularly friendly one in terms of sharing information and growing ideas. This was not always the case, with people hoarding ideas and secrets, until the International Plant Propagators Society was launched in 1951. The latter had an ethos of sharing. Through links between umbrella associations, the sharing of information is now global.

Past experience is an important one. It’s a very friendly industry, people are happy to share. When I joined the industry, there were still the remnants of the propagators who guarded their secrets – I know how to propagate this plant, I’m not gonna tell anybody else. It’s taken me years to find out how to do it. And then those barriers broke down and this organization was set up. That’s the International Plant Propagators Society. It was set up in 1951 and they had the premise, you can be a member, but you must share, give-and-take share alike, and that just broke down those barriers and people were very happy to to divulge their secrets and it’s become a very helpful industry in that sense. So the trade bodies…Yes they put on put on courses to help train staff. There’s the sharing of information between Growers. There would be trade press. There are advisors and the Garden Centre Association is very retail-focused and it’s part of an international organization – International Garden Center Association – and they exchange our ideas around the globe.

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