‘I know a couple of farmers keep diaries but I use Facebook…’

Euan talks about the benefits of Facebook and the thousands of photos he has stored on there from years back. These enable Euan to compare present day crops with others from the past to help put his mind at rest if he is worried.

Each year, you know, you learn something new. So once you’ve seen it, it’s stored in the brain. Facebook is great as well to be honest, I mean, I’ve got a Facebook page with the farm and there’ll be thousands of photos on there and if something’s happened a few years back, I can go scanning through the photos and have a look at the date, have a look at the condition of the crop and say, yeah, maybe I’m not needing to worry quite as much because that worked okay then and yeah and you try and write stuff. I know a couple of farmers keep diaries but I tend to just use Facebook and you can scan back and if you look at a crop and and think it’s needing something, you know, and you’re worrying about it because you do sometimes worry about your livelihood and you can put your mind at ease just by having a look back at what happened in previous years.

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