“Using the negative climate impacts as education, to highlight the problems…to get people active…”

Anni looks to a future where food is more expensive due to climate change stress on agriculture. She asks whether this negative effect on food – something the public see every day – could be a valuable educational tool to encourage action.

Anni: I was mainly thinking of water intensive foods, especially, and just all foods, in general, are gonna start being more expensive and that’s gonna affect local businesses like cafes and restaurants and things like that so maybe we could use that observable impact to be reactive and use it to educate people. And it’s things like people love food so if they can’t go to their local restaurant and eat what they used to then maybe they need to start thinking about the effect of these things and use that to highlight and to educate and to start a more base level, like in schools, or using the things that we can see, like food, ’cause food’s gonna be massively affected if water, if the water systems are gonna change ’cause, obviously, plants and agriculture and things like that. But I think using the negative impacts as education, to highlight the problems, to get people interested and active.


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