“My main reason for using water butts on the allotment is that the plants prefer rainwater…”

Nicola has recently acquired a plot on an allotment at Patchway and waters her plants by way of water from a water butt. Although she has no access to mains water, she feels that water from the butt is the best water for her plants, as they grow better.

Nicola Garret: My name’s Nicola and I took over a plot, here, in January of this year. Well, my garden is quite small and we only have one water butt that’s attached to my shed, out there, and we put the water butt out there because we don’t have access to mains water, in the garden. But sometimes I have had to lug stuff down there in the tap, lug tap water down there when there has been less rain. But, as I was saying earlier, my main reason for doing that is because the plants prefer rain water to tap water. I think they grow better.


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