“You’d see this big pump sucking the water out and spraying it on the tatties…”

At the Fife Show, Scotland, in 2017, local angler, Mike Peter talks about local interests sucking water from the burn with diesel pumps and the effect that this extraction has on the fish population.

Martina McGuiness: You were saying something interesting before, as well, about seeing people pumping water and spraying it onto fields?

Mike Peters: Yeah, yeah. The farmers that are sucking it out of the Eden or the Motray, which is a really small burn and you see that it just drops right down but there always seems to be wee bit there but all the fish collect in these pools. I used to do a bit of fishing and you think these fish have nowhere to go ’cause they’re getting trapped in these small pools. But there’s always a wee bit of trickle. But if we keep going like this. Thinking about this year, I haven’t seen anybody sucking water out of the burns so, unless they changed the law about it or something, I don’t know. Maybe they’re using wells. I don’t

Martina McGuiness: But you would have noticed it much more if it had gone down?

Mike Peters: Yeah definitely, yeah.

Martina McGuiness: Oh that’s interesting. Ok.

Mike Peters: You could hear the pumps running, the diesel engines running all through the night. When I go out cycling and stuff in the evening, you could see this big pump sucking the water out and spraying it on the tatties and stuff.

Martina McGuiness: And interesting, from your point of view as a fisherman, seeing the impact that that has, whenever you’re trying to do a bit fishing.

Mike Peters: Yeah, well I didn’t go because I thought this is bad enough for the fish so I came away. The fish are having a bad enough time, as it is.


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